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We have the insight that comes only from dealing with both local and international private and state companies and over 20 years of practical experience.

In simplest terms, MAGE is dedicated to bringing together manufacturer and customer in a given international transaction.  As we see it, our charter and responsibility is to handle all aspects of import or export for the manufacturer.

As trader, MAGE gains the ability to purchase directly from the manufacturer. Our broad, integrated range of lines enables customer to become aware of the various complementary products available. We provide the manufacturer with early warning alerts of pricing trends as well as new competitors.

Beside the maximum exposure of the international manufacturer’s and its products name in
Turkey, our other objective is to maximize product identification of Domestic products, thereby creating an international image and presence for the Turkish manufacturer. We explore new market development and focus efforts to determine the best markets for particular products.

Our Mission is to act as a creative and responsive import and export department for manufacturers in the electrical, mechanical, mining, fertilizer, chemical, raw materials, textile and in many other industries. We will continue to strive to meet our manufacturers’ needs and objectives by matching them with the most appropriate demand.

Our customer must always feel MAGE provides a value added quality response to their requirements.

If your plans call for an aggressive, established company to represent your interest, contact at 90.312.4461082 or email .

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