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MAGE ’s goal is to maintain our standards of excellence in each business relationship and venture. Professional experience gained over many years of dedicated work to satisfy our clients, creates the basis for further successful cooperation with partners at home.

With regard to services, we intend to offer the manufacturer assistance in the arranging of licensing agreements or joint venture.  Once a manufacturer’s product has gained recognition and acceptance in Turkey, if there’s enough volume and if raw materials are readily available, it may be more cost effective and expeditious for the manufacturer to license another party or set up a new company or to advise them on the acquisition of existing manufacturing facilities to produce the product locally. We see our role here as that of a consultant and a partner in taking the international manufacturing company to Turkey and continuing to service their products as before.




Mosdorfer Turkey was founded in order to  manufacture hardware fittings for high voltage overhead lines in TURKEY. Mosdorfer Turkey started with deliveries of high tension fittings to end users and also acts as a sub-supplier to Mosdorfer Austria.  Its aim is to give even better service to the local customers and customers in adjacent countries.




Turkish Wind Partners (TWP), a development partnership of Princeton International Development Corp. and Sterling Energy Services Inc. of the U.S.A. and MAGE Inc. of Turkey, is founded to develop several wind energy projects in different regions of the Republic of Turkey.




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