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MAGE has proven experience and large number of references in the fields of energy, energy related services and products used in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.


The experience and skills of MAGE are being offered to clients to fulfill every energy related need including project development, engineering and design, construction management, and facility operation and maintenance.

As the utility industry restructuring accelerates, new opportunities are being created for investors, buyers, and traders. MAGE helps your business take full advantage of the competitive energy market in Turkey and adjacent countries.


What MAGE offers is not only the convenience of dealing expeditiously with one company on a variety of issues and product-related matters, but also what might be best described as one-stop servicing in Energy sector.


Today, MAGE offers a wide range of services and products to Energy sector. We can provide consulting services, power plant planning, reconstruction and rehabilitation, power market analysis, energy conservation projects, and products from generation to distribution including sub-stations, generators, transformers, towers and poles, conductors, fiber optic cables, glass, porcelain and composite insulators and hardware & fittings.


Up to now, we serve numbers of state companies, power companies, contractors and industrial end users.


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