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MAGE in cooperation with reputable international firms has realized many consulting services to leading state owned industrial end electric utilities and private enterprises operating in a similar capacity.

MAGE, with SEI, has completed several projects up to now. One of them is  the implementation of advanced data processing applications for the state owned Turkish Electric Authorityís (TEK) accounting and finance functions, which cover accounting of the Headquarters, its Generation and Transmission Enterprise and 20 Distribution Enterprises and many operations and construction projects. This project involved multiple unit accounting, coupled with a need to strengthen the data processing function.

MAGE, with SEI, has also completed the data processing strategy plan for Cukurova Elektrik A.S. The purpose of this project was to define the most appropriate and economic Data Processing Strategy covering software, hardware, personnel and telecommunication needs for the next five years period.


MAGE and SEI have completed an organization study for TEK Generation and Transmission Enterprise. The objectives of this project was to analyze the Generation and Transmission Enterprise's organizational structure and responsibilities, and its external reporting relationships with its General Management and reorganize responsibilities,  reporting relationship and position descriptions.

MAGE and SEI have provided consulting services to recommend the establishment of a scientific, structured and systematic method for TEK's Electric Power Distribution training. The purpose of this project was to accelerate the programming of operation and maintenance design studies.

MAGE and SEI have given consultant services on the rehabilitation of five thermal power plants for TEK. The purpose of this project was to identify, evaluate, cost justify and prioritize plant rehabilitation projects at five preselected thermal power stations which resulted in the reclamation of three hundred megawatts of lost generation with minimal expenditures for the Turkish Electric Authority .

MAGE and SEI have also performed a feasibility study on behalf of Canakkale Cement Co. for construction of a Thermal Power Generating Plant. The objective of this study was to evaluate the use of the waste heat of the cement plant in power generations and to determine the optimum capacity of the installation of an auto generator power plant by Canakkale Cement Co. to furnish its electricity needs.

MAGE and SEI have developed and implemented the Operational Management Improvement Project (OMIP) for TEK.  The objective of the OMIP was to enable TEK to improve its operations by designing and implementing procedures and mechanisms in the areas of cost analysis, tariff formulation and administration, and operational efficiency.

MAGE and SEI performed recently a project to provide TEDAS (Turkish Electricity Distribution Company) with the training method for the development of TEDASís Human Resources necessary to carry out its current and future activities related with the electrical power distribution systems. The project consisted of three main sections that are observation and evaluation of training approaches, developing of expertise of training staff, standardization of training programs and methodology.


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