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In today’s volatile environment, no company can hope to stay abreast of all difficulties that could impact profits. As companies expand their operations into new markets, they face complex, often contradictory situations.

MAGE is an established and recognized player in the Turkish marketplace with knowledgeable professionals in place, known and respected wherever we are. We, as MAGE, offer the manufacturer our office, a sustained presence near the customers in Turkey which affords considerable advantages over corresponding by letter, phone, fax, or e-mail. MAGE offers considerable continuity in Turkey. 

Because of our global firm culture MAGE coordinates the activities of companies in Turkey and address the concerns of each nation. We keep the companies informed about changes and developments taking place in Turkey and present our advice, opinions and/or suggestions. Our philosophy is to “Think Global and Act Local”.

The major reasons for going to market domestically via the manufacturer’s agent or representative are synergistic selling and lower cost of sales. If the current cost for a domestic factory salesperson in terms of salary, benefits, travel and miscellaneous expenses is estimated, it’s probable that figure could be doubled in many cases overseas.  When you add in complications relative to language and distances involved, then the rationale for having an international representative becomes obvious.

One of our major objectives is guaranteeing maximum exposure for the international manufacturer’s name in Turkey.  In essence, creating brand awareness and promoting a distinct product identity. We do this by promoting the identity of the manufacturer as well as the product.  MAGE is the facilitator in a closer, more productive dialogue between manufacturer and customers.

MAGE also tries to maximize product identification of Domestic products, thereby creating an international image and presence for Turkish manufacturer. We explore new markets and focus efforts to determine the best market for particular products.

Manufacturers who want to lower and stabilize sales expenses relative to the actual flow of orders can turn to MAGE to augment their export sales and marketing function.

We also supply other valuable services such as market research and market development information, sales analysis, new product development, consulting and design engineering.

Our clients are among the business leaders in their sector. We also cooperate with reliable  entrepreneurs and smaller corporations both from Turkey and abroad.

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