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MAGE Mining and Electromechanical Industries & Trading Co., Inc. is a Turkish Company that was established in 1980. The main branches of business that ''MAGE'' deals with are trading activities, Manufacturers’ representative, consulting in engineering and project execution services, management, finance, computer applications, accounting and control.

Since its foundation, MAGE ’s basic purpose has been to fill what we felt was a significant void in the Turkish Market.

Giving full consideration to the country's facts in the year of 1981 which resulted from implementation of a stabilization program, MAGE decided to be active, first of all, in gathering the present facts and within the light of these facts in estimating the future outcomes in the fields that it is dealing with and then, to evaluate the situation soundly so as to direct its approaches. Combining with the comprehensive studies which include the determination of the capacities of the individual local, small manufacturing units, development of a close relationship with the major local industries and clients in private and public sectors on a mutual respect and confidence basis, has enabled and led MAGE to work on preliminary feasibility studies on realizable short and long term industrial and trading projects.

MAGE ’s experienced professionals demonstrated the capability to guide a conceptual project opportunity to full productive reality. The capabilities extend from all trading activities, project start up to various consulting services.

Our strength comes from the ability to do business in an efficient, entrepreneurial manner with the support of manufacturer companies, partners, our professional staff and over 20 years of experience.

Almost all of the partners and specialized personnel who came together within the structure of MAGE have benefited at a large scale from the projects executed in the fields of mining, metallurgy, electricity and automation by the state owned enterprises, where our staff has served in key positions.

Our goal is to make sure that every product we ship and every service we provide to our customers meets or exceeds their requirements.

Since 1980, MAGE have met and solved many challenges of foreign companies in Turkey and served as a trustable business partner and now we can do the same for you.


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